Dusty from the Disney animated movie Planes - a Cessna 188 crop duster

Today's paper model is of Dusty from the Disney film "Planes". This nicely detailed paper model is compliments of Julius Perdana, the talented designer at

Although he is just a crop duster, Dusty dreams of competing in air races. With the help of his friends he enters the Wings Around the Globe race.

Dusty paper model from Disney's animated movie Planes
Cessna 188 crop duster

As with all of the airplanes in the Planes animated movie, Dusty is loosely based on a real aircraft, the Cessna 188 crop duster. To my eyes he is kind of a cross between the Cesnna 188 and a P-51.

Early versions of the Cessna 188 were called the AGWagon, later versions with improved performance and features were the AGPickup, AGTruck, and AGHusky. This line of aircraft premiered in 1965 and was produced through 1985.

There is a wealth of information on the Cessna 188 at


Celebrate Easter with a Hall Bulldog!

Happy Easter!

Hall Bulldog Racer paper model in Easter colors

I did some hunting and found a plane model for Easter. Fiddlers Green has a free download of their Hall Bulldog repainted with an Easter theme, including a bunny as pilot. So have some Easter fun and build an Easter plane!

Download Model:

Here is more on the Hall Bulldog Racer:

The Hall Bulldog racer


Boeing VC-25 Air Force One Paper Model

Boeing VC-25 Air Force One Paper Model 

Boeing VC-25 Air Force One Paper Model (Boeing 747)

According to the Washington Times The Pentagon plans to spend billions of dollars to upgrade Air Force One. Why wait? You can get your own Air Force One today with this great papercraft. Thanks to another perfect papermodel from you can now build a replica of the current Boeing VC-25 (Boeing 747) in the correct Airforce One color scheme. This model is in 144th scale and is a medium level build.

Download Model:

You can find out more about Air Force One here:


Fokker Dr.1 Triplane Paper Model of Red Baron Fame, Manfred von Richthofen, arch enemy of Snoppy

Fokker Dr.1 Triplane Paper Model of Red Baron Fame, Manfred von Richthofen
Fokker Dr.1 Triplane Paper Model of Red Baron Fame, Manfred von Richthofen

Since the last model I listed was the Sopwith Camel, famously piloted by Snoopy, I had to have the Red Baron next, Manfred von Richthofen. So here is a nicely designed paper model of his famous Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, in his famous Red color. The model papercraft is by Rubenandres77 on Included in the PDF document is a lot of information about the Red Baron and his plane.

Download Model:

Here is a link to even more info about the Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen:

And for Snoop Fans, here are the Royal Guardsman with Snoopy vs. The Red Baron


Snoopy's Favorite, the Sopwith Camel paper model

Here is a nice little model of Snoopy's favorite ride, the Sopwith Camel.

 The page is in Japanese, but the model is straight forward and easy to build. Scroll down the page until you see "Sopwith F.1 Camel" right below that is the link to the model, it is in Japanese but it says PDF in the file name. This is a small model, the whole thing fits on one sheet of paper, but it is well worth the time. You should put some extra effort into detailing the model, put some bend in the wings, add in the wing wires, etc. for a great model.

Download Model:

Here are some Reference Pages on the Sopwith  Camel:

Bonus Model - Snoopy as the World War I Flying Ace

There are two versions of the model, the image above is from version 1, version 2 is in yellow with an air corp logo on the dog house.


Free User Manuals and Owners Guides

I know that this isn't a paper model, but this free manual site is just too useful not to mention it. On you can find free manuals for over 600,000 devices, computers, tools, etc. Tons of useful info, especially if you have misplaced that manual.

So, not a paper tech model, but if you print out a manual you will have paper for tech.


US Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules Paper Model

Spring and Summer are great times to go boating, but of course the more boats, the more boating accidents. Recently in the news there have been a couple of possible fake distress calls to the US Coast Guard. This of course required a huge expenditure of time and effort for the Coast Guard to go hunting for these non-existing ships. Hopefully those responsible will be caught and prosecuted.

Coast Guard suspicious of similarities between hoax distress calls in NJ and Texas

US Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules paper model from

 To honor the great men and women of the US Coast Guard who frequently risk their lives to save others, here is a perfect paper model of a US Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules. This one is from, one of the best paper model sites on the internet.

Here is the link for the US Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules paper model

Here are some shots of the real thing, HC-130J Super Hercules used for long range Surveillance. The US Coast Guard currently has 6 of these aircraft.

US Coast Guard HC-130J Super Hercules in flight

US Coast Guard HC-130J Super Hercules  - over the coast

US Coast Guard HC-130J Super Hercules

US Coast Guard HC-130J Super Hercules - nice shot

 You can find out more about the US Coast Guard use of the HC-130J here: